Jerantut 2022

This place is famous for its red trees at the peak. It takes about 1h15m to reach the peak. From the car park we go through a palm oil estate before entering the forest. The forest entrance is not obvious, so better ask some locals or follow others.

  1. at Gua Kota Gelanggi
  2. 1:32 PM

Do visit the Gua Balai (main attraction), gua terang bulan (big dark cave with bats) and the cave at the entrance. Comes with the heart of an adventurer, and take lots of nice photos.
Cheap and clean hotel in town centre.
Nice home cook meal.
We came for the sunrise. It takes about 30 minutes, and the path is paved (going through rubber estate) but pretty steep. We didn't get to see much sunrise, but the sea of clods are nice.
This place has really a lot of really nice caves, and we spent at least half a day exploring and taking photos. These caves are huge, beautiful and does have an out of this world feel.
Service is fast, and food is okay.
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