Janda Baik Weekend 2020

  1. at E Farm Restaurant
  2. 12:22 PM

Interesting place for lunch, parking could be quite a challenge during the weekend. Tasty food, fresh seafood.
Big space, small pool, big room with a big bathtub. The room is nice and comfortable, just perfect for relaxing. There is a farm next door: passion fruit and fig. There is a hidden route to a waterfall. Just nice for a weekend getaway. The owner might give away excess vegetables from his farm to guests.

  1. at Happi Village
  2. 7:00 PM

Simple and tasty dinner here, since we are lazy to drive out at night.

Aug 21, 2020

  1. at Pintô Coffee+
  2. 12:40 PM

An interesting cafe with a nice environment. Food wise is okay.
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