Kundasang, Sabah 2022

The Fried tuaran mee is very tasty with nice texture, while the kolo tuaran mee with softer and sweeter. For the ingredients, you can choose sangnyuk or mixed.
Fruit and snack market. There is a nice mountain view behind the market.
A nice hotel within Kinabalu Park. Basic, but nice and comfortable. The free breakfast is very good as well. Free water refill station available.

  1. at 89 Station
  2. 5:11 PM

Decent Chinese dinner, very fast service.
Sunset view at Kinabalu Park observation deck.
Nice and fulfilled breakfast with nice environment.

  1. at Desa Dairy Farm
  2. 9:25 AM

Need to pre book tickets online during covid, but luckily the process is fairly easy on a phone. Though the farm is quite big, but you can hardly spot any cows. If you do spot them, all of them are at the same spot. We book the morning session, so only interaction with the cows are feeding the little cows and goats. The barn are closed due to maintenance, and milking is done in the afternoon session. The area of visit is fairly small, so you go for the ice-cream and enjoy the view.

  1. at Alpaca Club
  2. 11:00 AM

Ticket is RM 15 per person, with only 20 minutes with the animal. You need to pay more to buy food to feed them. They only let one alpaca out, so you get to touch it and take photos. The alpaca is very fluffy and cute, just that they don't care much for human. Still a fun experience.
The road to place is very bumpy. It is about 15 minutes hike to the platform. It could be very hot during noon, with a tiny place to hide from the sun, and a toilet as well. The place does offer a 360 views of the surrounding, and the rainbow platform makes it a great instagram spot.
A natural fish spa by the river. The fishes are fairly big, so the spa experience could be quite "brutal". There are a lot of fishes, with 3 species, and there are very human friendly. Buy some fish snacks (RM 0.50) to feed the fishes.

  1. at Sabah Tea Resort
  2. 3:45 PM

Come for the view and enjoy a afternoon tea with scones (RM 30 for 2 person).
Enjoy some local hawker food.
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