Georgia & Azerbaijan 2019

Arrival In Baku 
  1. at Heydar Aliyev International Airport
  2. 12:44 AM

Arrived at the airport at midnight, exchange some money at the money exchange (not the best rate), couldn't get a SIM card at this hour. Need to exit the Airport in order get the BakuCard for the Airport Shuttle Bus to the city. Make sure you have small notes like AZN 5 - 10 to make BakuCard purchase via the machine. You can't get back into the airport once you exited, unless you go to the main entrance and pass through security screening. Some taxi driver will ask if you need a taxi, but they are not pushy.

Our Hostel In Baku 
  1. at Freedom Hostel
  2. 9:36 AM

Luckily the hostel is just 10 minutes walk from the May 28 bus stop. We got a room for 3 of us, the place is clean, friendly and quiet. The owner's father (retired from the army) treat us some local tea, and we met a large Iranian group which treat me their breakfast. The only complaint is the is only one bathroom (two showers, but only one door). Location wise is pretty strategic as it is near the main train station.

Baku Market 
  1. at Yaşıl Bazar
  2. 11:01 AM

Went to the local market to buy some fruits, nuts and local snacks. Tourists need do need to practice some negotiations skill though, most of them are friendly. Maybe we didn't get the best price, but still quality product and good prices if compared to our country. Later we found Churchkhela (long candy with nuts) in Azerbaijan actually taste better than the ones in Georgia. Or maybe it is not Churchkhela, but something similar.

First Meal In Baku 
  1. at Anadolu Restaurant
  2. 12:06 PM

The is nice restaurant which serve both Azerbaijan and Turkish cuisine. We didn't quite like Dovga (yogurt soup), probably our taste bud is not used to the taste. The thin bread with some mince meat in it is quite nice. Potata with meat is not to our liking, as it probably uses some intestines. My favourite is the Yaprak Xingal, like layers of pasta with meat, caramelised onion and yogurt.

Walk Along Baku Boulevard 
  1. at Dənizkənarı Milli Park
  2. 1:24 PM

This is a park next to the Caspian sea. Mini venice and carpet museum is here as well. The park is nice and spacious. It is good to pack some snack or fruits, and relax at a bench.

Baku City View 
  1. at Highland Park
  2. 4:07 PM

We plan to take the Funicular (tram) from Baku Boulevard to Highland Park, but sadly the tram is closed so we just have to walk. This park offer a great view of the city, sea and Flame Towers.

  1. at Dolma restaurant
  2. 6:35 PM

This is an underground restaurant, quite popular among the tourists. Food are generally good, with good service. The Pomegranate Wine is a mistake. We tried the local specialty, Baliq Levengi, fish stuffed with walnuts (sadly, we didn't like it).

  1. at Köz künefe
  2. 9:56 AM

Nice place for local sweets and pastries.

  1. at Entree Bakery Chain
  2. 10:52 AM

A modern French bakery.

Around Baku 
  1. at Baku
  2. 11:59 AM

A Fountain Park 
  1. at Philharmonic Park
  2. 12:16 PM

This is a very small park besides the old city, which has a very beautiful Fountain.

Explore Baku Old City 
  1. at Icherisheher
  2. 12:45 PM

Since we didn't spend much time at the old city yesterday, we decided to give it more time and attention today. The old city is quite charming, surrounded by a wall, with plenty of the old architectures still intact and quite a few small alley to explore. It is fairly relaxing to stroll around here. We didn't visit the internals of Palace of The Shirvansshahs, as we are no history buff. When we are tired, we took a rest at Seyidli Garden, a very tiny park at a corner of the old city. There is a nice street with a lion art mural.
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